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Ideas that are submitted through our Ideas Portal are reviewed for inclusion into future versions of Platinum. Please always look through previous requests from other users and vote on those as they may be asking for the same feature.

Ideas are reviewed based on their feasibility and whether they will add value to the product.

We are reviewing and importing ideas that have been submitted through our Ideas email.



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PINNED Debt Letter Improvements
Improve the debot letter process including. When you enter “Debt Letters” menu, you’re presented with the aged debtors list but it is already selected as “debt letter” on the drop down. Once your parameters are in, you’re presented with the “Accou...
PINNED Integration with for Repair Now, Pay Later offer personal finance to end customers to spread the cost of their repairs and accessories purchases interest free over flexible monthly payments. Customers can Split the bill up to £5,000 Spread the cost over 1 to 6 payments Apply a...

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Stock Check - option to add reasons for stock adjustments

Would like to suggest a field to be incorporated into platinum online stock check please as currently there is nothing to indicate why adjustment was done Something like OOD out of date DAM Damaged product DEF Packaging defect Or customer configur...
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in Platinum Online 1 Future consideration

Unit Service Contracts Module

Would like a Unit Service Contracts Module Selling service contracts would appear to be a bigger part of many unit related businesses. Selling the servicing of units in advance, by a single payment or regular invoice. What is covered varies from c...
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in Unit Sales 0 Future consideration

Add Country of Origin and Commodity fields to Add or Edit Order

A request to add these fields s editable columns to Add or Edit Purchase orders so the fields can be checked and amended whilst within an order.
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in Parts 1 Future consideration

Add option to Pick Orders using Platinum Online to enter or scan the order number

Currently the option within Platinum Online to pick a sales order is based on the user entering a Picking List number, Account Code or looking down the list for the customer. Usually the info they have to hand is the Sales Order Number. Can we hav...
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in Platinum Online 0 Future consideration

CRM to show transaction reference

It would be helpful for us if the CRM also showed the transaction reference in the details column in the list and the text box at the top.
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in Accounts 1 Future consideration

Option to create linked parts and unit orders

If a user needs to order a unit and parts to go with it they need to be able to generate a linked parts order from the unit order.
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in Unit Sales 1 Future consideration

Fiserv CNP payments for multiple sites

Some dealers who have multiple sites may need different Fiserv CNP credentials for each site. If this turns out to be the case then we will need to extend how the credentials are stored.
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in Accounts 1 Future consideration

Add ability for Technician to select rate when booking to job

When users allow technicians to pick up and book time against any job their time will only be logged against the default rate for that job. The tech is then unable to choose a different rate e.g. to select their rate for Labour - Fitting Accessori...
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in Workshop 1 Future consideration

Logistics Planning View option to show Invoice Number

Is it possible to have a tab added to the logistics screen which shows our Invoice number. It would be useful for when I’m cross-referencing things. At the moment, I have to double click on each job to see it.
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in  1 Future consideration

Regular Journals - limited to 14 lines, can this be increased?

Regular journals can only be 14 lines long, can this be increased?
Roslin Lawless about 16 hours ago in Accounts 1 Future consideration